SharePoint FQL causes Problem when using reserved Keywords multiple times

I assumed that SharePoint is inteligent enouth to differ betweent their Keywords.
Usually in a Search Center you can define your own query to get you sepcific results. I used a Query to filter especially for a contenttype and a given value from the Request parameter URL (”k”) like this:


That looked great but for some reason after using sometimes the frefiner I got an empty result.






So there are no error in the ULS, no error in the Frontend, no error at all. After a small research I figured out that the extra paramter {RequestParameter.K} causes the problem.

So I removed it, after this it works very well, and the K Parameter in the request will be used in the {searchboxquery} placeholder.
So there is a problem when I use the k Parameter directly, or I must remove the {Searchboxquery}, but I wanted the flexibility to add a searchbox later by hand.

The final Query looks like:

Problem solved! 🙂